Defensive Pistol Level 2 [ DP2 ]

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DEFENSIVE PISTOL LEVEL 2 course description:

This is a follow up to the level 1 course and will cover and build into the following skill sets.
- Real world self defense statististics and why we need to be able to fight up close, with only 1 hand, and very possibly while moving. 
- We train from concealment and will get an opportunity to shoot close quarter retention that you all saw in Level 1.
- We discuss and train single handed shooting and discuse how to fix malfunctions with the handgun with only one hand.
-  You will get to prove your ability at distance.
- We will discuss and shoot on the move and from cover.
- NIGHT FIRE - The best part of the day is the night fire portion that is covered and then shot on the range. We shoot in true low light and you will get some exposure to proper flashlight and weapon tactics when shooting at night. 

Normal class cost is $199.00 and requires prior training. Our students get this class at $149.00, contact us to get the discount, and that will be for the full day including the low light/evening shoot.


Must have attended a Defensive Pistol course or similar to attend this class. Concealed Carry course alone is not enough.

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 Sat Mar 31, 2018  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Material we will cover

This Pistol course covers the principles as well as gives you some real world experience based on real defensive shooting and low light/ night shooting while using cover and concealment.  It is designed to introduce students on how to utilize a handgun and flashlight in low light or total dark conditions.  The student will also be exposed to, distance shooting, shooting on the move, how to reload and clear malfunctions one handed and in total darknes. We will also incorporate the use of cover and concealment.

This course will cover the tools that can be used, and what we recommend for low light use.  You will be exposed to concealed carry gear and different illumination tools that we recommend, and what we recommend for the sights on your guns to be the best all around.  We will cover different techniques and how to apply them in the real world.  We will cover the history, statistics, and where the things that we train from originate.  Once we teach the techniques you will have the opportunity to practice those moves and methods on a square range but once you have shown that you can safely handle both the handgun, lights movement effectivly we will move to practicing those moves in a more realistice way. This will be and always is one of the most anticipated training opportunitys that we have all year so don’t delay in getting all your payments in and spots reserved.