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Advanced Classes

How much do the Concealed Carry Classes cost?
Normal the handgun license class cost is $69.00. Our price for the basic CCW, also known as the concealed carry course is $59. This will allow you to carry either open or concealed once you complete the license process and recieve your license from OSBI.  We also have 9mm pistols available for rent for $20.00, or a .22 semi-authomatic handgun for $10.00 (includes ammunition).
How long is the Concealed Carry or CCW class? Is the entire class completed within the same day?
Classes run approximatly eight hours, that time includes both the classroom and range portions of the class (class and range are at the same location in south Tulsa at our Broken Arrow or Pryor, Oklahoma facilities). Classes are completed the same day except where otherwise noted on the schedule.
When and where do you hold classes?
We usually hold our CCW or Concealed Carry handgun license classes on the weekend - your choice of a Saturday or a Sunday class and we typically hold 3 or more classes per month year around. Classes run from 8:00 AM until approximatly 4:00 PM. See our Class Schedule page for a full list. Our regularly scheduled CCW classes are held at our classroom facility right right at our range, at 15302 S. 193rd E. Ave. Broken Arrow, OK, which is a half mile south of 151st, just off 193rd (County Line) in Broken Arrow. See our Range Info page for specific directions.

We also offer other handgun license or concealed carry classes known as the CCW course and many of our advanced courses at our facility in Pryor, Oklahoma.  Our Oklahoma SDA Concealed Carry Classes are scheduled on the first Saturday of each month. Check our range info page for more details.

Mobile CCW class' locations are flexible, depending on student needs. If you have a private group, just need extra attention, weekends not available, or need a concealed carry class run at a specific time we can accomidate your needs.  We can also reserve time at our range for training or just shooting.  We do hold mobile classes in the Tulsa Metro area, and we can additionally travel anywhere in Oklahoma to meet your scheduling and location needs as requlred.
I have never fired a gun before/have very limited firearms experience, is that a problem?
Having no prior firearms experience or limited firearms experience when signing up for the Concealed Carry Class is no problem whatsoever - the Concealed Carry Class is actually specifically designed as a foundational safety class by the state of Oklahoma. It grades you only on Gun Safety. We cover everything you need to know to get started with concealed carry in class, and we also share a number of free informational resources to get you up to speed. Many individuals take this class as an introduction to handguns or firearms in general. Regardless of your skill level, we will never talk down to you about guns - we've all had to learn about something new at some point or another in our lives, and this subject is no different. Learning about firearms, CCW, open carry, and concealed carry is like learning how to drive a car - there is no magic to it, it's an acquired skill set that comes with time, patience, and perfect practice. Our Tulsa concealed carry class is designed to get you where you need to be, and relatively comfortable beginning with safe firearm handling by the end, even if you've never even handled a gun before the class. Please let us know during the sign-up process if you are new to guns so we can arrange additional instruction for you the day of class.
I do not own a firearm yet.
We have semi-automatic pistols available to you starting at $9.99, which includes the fifty rounds of ammo necessary for qualification, and we do fully cover their operation in class, so it is not a problem if you do not have your own pistol at the time of the class. Please note that the firearm you qualify with does not necessarily have to be the one you carry, as there is no Firearms registration in Oklahoma, though we do obviously recommend to practice as much with your intended carry gun as possible. Additionally, there is no minimum caliber requlrement on what you can qualify with and carry. The only restriction on caliber is that it must be .45 caliber or less, which is mandated by the SDA statutes. In Oklahoma, you do not qualify with a specific caliber, model or make of firearm...you only qualify with a type (semi-automatic, revolver, or derringer - see section immediately below for further details) - and qualifying with a semi-automatic firearm qualifies you for all three. It is perfectly acceptable to qualify with a .22 or any other caliber you want, and carry another firearm which is a larger or smaller caliber, and/or even of a different make or model.
Do you offer ammunition for sale the day of class, if I bring the wrong type of ammunition, forget, bring reloaded ammunition, etc.?
Yes, we keep 9mm and .22 ammunition on hand for rentals, and is available for purchase with advanced notice. If you have another caliber, please make arrangements before class.
I have been told that if I qualify with a revolver I cannot carry a semi-automatic pistol. Is that correct?
Yes. The Oklahoma SDA (Self Defense Act) statute recognizes three categories of handguns: derringer, revolver, and semi-automatic pistol. In order to carry all three of these categories of pistols, you must qualify with a semi-automatic handgun. If you only qualify with a revolver, you will only be certified to carry revolvers and derringers, and if you qualify with a derringer, you will only be able to carry derringers. For this reason, we will qualify you with a semi-automatic even if you intend to carry a revolver or derringer - there is no extra cost or paperwork to qualify with a semi-auto, and we will fully cover their function in class. Then you can decide for yourself what kind of firearm you would like to carry, rather than being limited to one type. This applies for the open carry and concealed carry lisence covered by the Oklahoma SDA act.
Is there an accuracy requirement for the shooting portion of the class?
The state mandates that you will be graded purely on safety for the fifty-round shooting qualification portion of class, not on accuracy. We do highly recommend that you continue your training to improve your proficiency and accuracy with your pistol, and practice what we teach you as much as you can on an ongoing basis both before and after the class to improve your accuracy. Check out our other courses by clicking here, and ask us about our special combo rates for taking your Concealed Carry Class with one or more other classes we offer.
What do you cover in the Concealed Carry class?
We cover the legalities of concealed and open carry, what the CCW License is and isn't, the legal standard for the justifiable use of force, discuss some personal experiences with concealed carry, share some free informational resources for concealed carry, and gun safety, both in the classroom and down at the range. You will be shooting 50 rounds for range qualification - again, you will be graded on safety, not accuracy. We will also help you with the SDA (Concealed Carry) application, and completing the SDA application process, and many other important items.
You will have a great time in class - we make everything not only educational, but entertaining as well - you will learn a ton and have a great time, to boot! Don't just take our word for it - click on our Testimonials page link above for student feedback on our classes!

If you would like to go beyond the state-mandated concealed carry material, check out our NRA basic pistol course, and Defensive Pistol courses. These classes are taught at both our South Tulsa(Broken Arrow) and our East Tulsa(Pryor) Oklahoma locations.
How does the Concealed Carry application process work?
In terms of the necessary requirements to get your CCW or handgun license, from start to finish: you take a handgun license training class and get the training certificate - (state-mandated), you fill out your application (we will help you fill these out in class together if you require help at the beginning or end of class for your convenience - you can download or order these application packets and lawbooks at the following link: OSBI Concealed Weapons Licensing, you will get two passport photos, which will be anywhere from $8-$10 depending where you get them (Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, your Sheriff's office, etc.), you get two money orders for $25 and $100, one for your local Sheriff's office and one for the OSBI for your local/state and federal background checks respectively, you take everything to your local county, Tulsa County Sherrif if you live in Tulsa, sheriff's office (example: Broken Arrow is Tulsa County, so the downtown Tulsa County Sheriff's Office in that instance), they fingerprint you, they put your fingerprint cards back with your application along with your passport photos, money orders, and training certificate, the sheriff's office mails it to the OSBI for you, and typically about 60-80 days later you receive a letter that your license is ready for pickup at your local sheriff's office, and you pick up your new license from them.

All in all, the whole licensing process will be $125 the first time not including the cost of the concealed carry class. The license is good for five years, and $95 thereafter for every subsequent five years when your license comes up for renewal ($85 + new passport photos). That's less than $20 a year for a renewal, and less than $40 a year for the initial license. Effective November 1st of this year, you can get a 10-year license and license renewal for double the fee to the OSBI ($200 for a new license and $170 for a renewal).

All this may sound a little overwhelming at first, but we email you a checklist after class to make completing the licensing process as simple as possible. Additional details for obtaining your license are outlined below.

What is the process to obtain my license?

First, take the OK Handgun License course from Guardian Shooting
Second, after successful completion of the Oklahoma Handgun License course your instructor will hand you a Certificate of Achievement.  Take three items to the County Sheriff office in the county that you live in.  #1.   Self Defense License Application #2. Your Certificate of Achievement #3 Money.  (see below)

Requirements for Applying for a Self Defense Act License at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

  1. In order to complete the application process through the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (“TCSO”), the applicant must appear in person and be a resident of Tulsa County.
  2. A current Oklahoma driver’s license or other official Oklahoma ID will be required. Exception:Military personnel who have permanent military orders within the state of Oklahoma and possess a valid driver license from another state where such person claims residency.
  3. If born outside of the United States, proof of citizenship is required.
  4. A completed Application for Self-Defense Act License. The application may be completed online or you may download a blank copy of the form here. OSBI will only accept applications submitted on the current SDA application form. Remember to sign your application.
  5. Attach two color passport style photographs to your application. Personally printed photos must be passport quality to be acceptable. TCSO provides photo service for $10.00.
  6. The original certificate of achievement from a firearms safety and training course must accompany the SDA application. State law requires that applicants for a license to carry concealed and unconcealed firearms pass an Oklahoma Self-Defense Act gun-safety course. Previously, no limits have been placed on the life of a firearms-safety course certificate of achievement,  but a new law (Oklahoma HB 2874) that went into effect November 1, 2014 puts a three-year limit on gun class certification of achievement.
  7. Two complete sets of fingerprints will be taken by TCSO Records personnel.
  8. TCSO will send the complete application package to OSBI for processing; allow 60-90 days for the application process.

Fees charged by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Fees Amount
Fingerprinting and processing fee $25
Pictures (if needed): $10
A credit card* or, a money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office”, are acceptable forms of payment for the fees for services provided by TCSO.


 * A convenience fee of $1.95 will be added to credit card transactions. Neither TCSO nor Tulsa County government receives any portion of the convenience fee.

Fees required by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

(Paid at your visit at the County Sheriff’s Office)

Type of License Application Term Cost
Initial Application 5 Year License $100
10 Year License $200
Expired Renewal Application


(License expired less than 3 years)

5 Year License $85
10 Year License $170
Expired Renewal Application


(License expired more than 3 years)

5 Year License $100
10 Year License $200
Acceptable forms of payment include Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks and credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).



What will stop me from getting my concealed carry license?
The main four categories of crime convictions that will stop you from receiving your concealed carry license are any sort of felony conviction, even a non-violent felony, any sort of drug or drug-related conviction, even a misdemeanor paraphernalia conviction, any sort of domestic violence conviction, or any sort of mental illness that required involuntary commitment to a mental institution. There are a few other items such as repeat DUIs within the last 3 years, but these are the main four categories.
I lost my certificate from the CCW / Concealed Carry Class, can I get a replacement from you?
Yes; provided you remember your class date, cost is $30.00. Please login to your account here and choose the class you would like to reprint the certificate for. If you have any issues or would rather call please call our office at (918)237-2063 located in Tulsa, OK
My understanding is the Oklahoma Concealed Carry License is good in a number of other states. Which other states recognize the Oklahoma License?
Absolutely. The Oklahoma Concealed Carry License is now recognized in a total of thirty-seven (37) states, including Oklahoma itself.

They are as follows: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

For those traveling through or visiting Oklahoma from out of state, Oklahoma recognizes all other U.S. state's concealed carry licenses, assuming that state issues them (only Illinois and Vermont have absolutely no licensing processes whatsoever).
Where can I get more information about the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act laws?
Here is the OSBI website and a link to OK SDA law book in PDF (Acrobat Reader) format, as well as the OK SDA (CCW) application: OSBI Concealed Weapons Licensing.

The SDA division of the OSBI can also be reached directly at (800) 207-6724.
What is a "Floater" reservation?
We have set up "Floater" registrations for those who would like to register for a class but are unsure what date will work for them. This allows anyone to take advantage of any limited-time special offers without committing to a date. The "floater" registration allows you to take your concealed or open carry class at our South Tulsa / Broken Arrow location or our East Tulsa / Pryor, Oklahoma location. You will have one year from the date of purchase to select your class date or your floater positon will expire. There are no refunds for an expired floater positon.  After you register, simply email or call us with your preferred date, and we will get you scheduled into any available course.  In order to make a date reservation from a floater position, you must have your class paid in full.
When are your next classes, how do I sign up, and what methods of payment do you take?
Glad to hear you're interested in taking your Oklahoma CCW or "Handgun License Class" this is good for both Open Carry and Concealed Carry in Oklahoma and each of the 36 additional states that allow you to carry with the OK handgun license. Our upcoming class schedule is listed on the Class Schedule page for all of our Tulsa and Broken Arrow classes. Please visit the "Sign Up!" page to complete the class sign-up process. You can contact us any time at (918) 237-2063, or via email at info@GuardianShooting.com, if you have questions not answered here or simply would prefer to complete the registration process with a person. Please Note: Payment is due at the time of class reservation(s). We accept both Credit and Debit Cards (Visa/MC/Discover) and cash (must be received at time of class reservation). Checks are only accepted in very limited instances and only with prior approval. Thank you, and look forward to speaking with you soon!

What do I need to bring to the "CCW" Concealed Carry class?

For the classroom:

Pen and paper or PDA (note-taking supplies)
OKLAHOMA driver's license or other Oklahoma state-issued photo ID
Money for lunch or a sack lunch - classes include a one-hour lunch

For range time:

RELIABLE, UNLOADED Semi-automatic handgun(if you are not renting one from us) - chamber unloaded, magazine unloaded - you will need only one unloaded magazine for the range portion of class. Ammo for your firearm (if you are not renting) - minimum 50 rounds. NO RELOADS ARE ALLOWED - YOU MUST BRING FACTORY AMMUNITION, BY STATE MANDATE.
Hearing protection (Earplugs and/or earmuffs)
Safety glasses
Ball cap (don't forget this one!)