Handgun Licensing/CCW courses
-- Advanced Classes

What advanced classes do you offer?

Below is quick discription of a few of our most popular courses that we offer.

  • Defensive Pistol:

    • Training real world defensive handgun skills while developing gun safety, efficient weapon manipulation and duplicatable skills.

  • Personal Projection: Effective Threat Management

    • Training to deal with real world threats at contact ranges. Self-defense with and without a pistol is discussed and developing the mental edge to be ready to manage a critical incident.

  • Advanced Defensive Handgun (2 Day course)

    • Mastery of the basics and training to effectively use a handgun in a defensive situation through advanced weapon manipulation, drawing, reloading, and diagnosing problems; trains you to be able to engage multiple targets efficiently and quickly.

  • Weekly Self Defense Training Group:

    • A time and place to put what you know to the test and perfect what you don’t. Like minded play time!

  • Low Light Training Course:

    • A training opportunity that is unlike anything else.  Low light training with different light options, tools, and environments, and the opportunity to apply them.  Then an opportunity to utilize those tactics and methods taught in a real shoot house and a debrief to explain the good and the bad that was learned that night.  This is a must have!

Package discounts are available for bundled or multiple classes.

Equipment rental is available for all courses, and gun and gear are available to try out for each class.

Information and Policies

How long do I have to use my floater postion before it expires?
You have one year from the time you sign up to enroll in an advanced class using your floater credit before it expires.  There are no refunds for expired floater purchases.  In order to make a date reservation from a floater position, you must have your class paid in full.
Can I use my floater positon for another class?
You may exchange an advanced class for another option if you wish.  For expample, if you signed up for a Defensive Pistol course but would rather take a Personal Protection class you can do so as long as your floater registration has not expired.
Who can take these courses?
Anyone can attend these classes.  Each class that we offer will have a specific set of requirements and equipment needed to attend.

Any of our one day courses are a great starting point for any level of shooters and require no prior training.

Our advanced 2 day class is perfect for the hobby shooter, competition shooter, or guardian to take there skills to the next level.  It will push you towards the level that you have always wanted to be at.
What gear is required for the advanced classes
Each course has specific gear that is recommended. The gear that we recommend has a specific reason, but if you don't have the gear needed we have gear available for purchase and or for rent.
What are the physical requirements for these classes?
We have people of all ages and life styles attend these classes.  If you can stand for 1 hour at a time and handle goofing off and enjoying the outdoors then you will be just fine.