Handgun Licensing/CCW courses
Advanced Classes
-- Policies

What is your policy regarding tardiness/absenteeism?
Tardiness/absenteeism for our CCW / Concealed Carry and advanced classes is not permitted, and will result in a rescheduling fee or forfeiture of your class tuition. Classes start promptly at the noted times (usually 8:00 AM), so plan on arriving no later than 15 minutes before that time for CCW classes and 30 minutes or more for an advanced class. CCW class doors open 30 minutes before class start time.  We believer that both our instructors and our students time is valuable and we expect everyone to respect eachothers time.  If you arrive late we will reschedule you into any another class based on availability.  You wil be subject to a reschedule fee of 50% of the orgional class cost. ***reschedule fee is based upon instructor disctretion and not a guarantee.
What is your refund/reschedule policy, in case I have to miss class for whatever reason?
We do understand that unforseen circumstances come up from time to time, and for that reason, we do offer one courtesy reschedule to a later class at no additional charge, provided you notify us in a timely manner (described below) BEFORE class, so we can fill these slots with other individuals from waiting lists. If you notify after the required time, there will be a rescheduling fee assessed. The required advance notice times are:

For the Handgun License / Concealed Carry (SDA) Classes - specific time depends on the class, but no later than 5 PM the Tuesday before your class, we require an email or phone call to reschedule you in a class.  If you do not call or email before 5pm on the above day we reserve the right to charge a reschedule fee or a forfiture of your class cost. If you do not show for your class and do not call or email it is an automatic forfiture of your class fee.

For the advanced courses (beyond SDA class) - specific time depends on how quickly a given course books to capacity, but no less than four weeks advance notice is required to avoid incurring a rescheduleing fee or tuition forfeiture.

Typically, the advance notice required to reschedule will be included in the confirmation email sent out before class. If you do not see the time allowance stated it defaluts to 4 weeks advance notice.

Note that we do not offer refunds for any classes or training past one week of class purchase, as scheduling your slot in the class still costs us time and money, whether or not you actually attend the date you're scheduled for. We do however offer a satisfaction guarantee on our classes - you will get the information you need and have a great time!